22 Apr 2021;
09:00PM - 09:50PM
"Amebas Traidoras" + "Gifted" + "Cinza" | ESTREIA
24 Apr 2021;
07:00PM -
"Sete Dias de Inverno" | videodança
29 Apr 2021;
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"Marvel" + "Noir"
29 Apr 2021;
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Comemoração do Dia da Dança
15 May 2021;
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Programa Jovens Intérpretes
16 May 2021;
05:00PM - 06:00PM
Programa Jovens Intérpretes


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On November 14, at 15:00 (GMT | Lisbon time ), the eBook produced under the European project CLASH! When classic and contemporary dance collide and new forms emerge, is officially presented. The project aims to develop professional Empowerment Strategy and face the issues coming from it's three-macro areas: Dancer’s Training; Audience Development; Marketing and Communication

The CLASH! eBook presents the results of the practical research carried out by the project partners - Balletto di Roma (IT), 420PEOPLE (CZ), Derida Dance Center / Art Link Foundation (BG), Companhia de Dança de Almada (PT), Polski Teatr Tanca (PL) and La Sapienza Università di Roma (IT).

It is an interdisciplinary product created by a team of academics from La Sapienza Università di Roma, directed by Prof. Vito Di Bernardi (professor of Dance History), with the collaboration of Professors Luca Ruzza (Electronic and Digital Graphic Arts) and Letizia Gioia Monda (Digital Choreography) based on the research developed by the five partner companies.

The eBook was designed as a digital platform to combine written content with image. It provides an open source tool for users to explore transversely the systems developed by the partners and put into dialogue several dance models, from classical to contemporary.

The online presentation will involve the team of researchers from La Sapienza Università di Roma (Vito di Bernardi, Letizia Gioia Monda and Luca Ruzza) who will speak with the representatives of two project partners: Prof. Ana Macara, from Companhia de Dança de Almada, and Atanas Maev, from Derida Dance Center.

The presentation will be in English. To follow the event please click on the following link: 


Nov 6 2020


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