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EmbalArte CaDA 2022



EmbalArte is an artistic collective created by Ângela Ribeiro and Susana Rosendo, aimed mainly at young audiences, which has regularly received support from Ca.DA. In 2022, the support is towards the creation of a new performance and also to the touring of the previously created pieces “De Lés a Lés saberás quem és”, “As voltas que a terra dá”, “Do pé para a mão” and “O Museu Andante - Júlio Pomar”, by Ângela Ribeiro.

In 2022, the artistic duo proposes to carry out a work with and for a different audience, the group of seniors already linked to Companhia de Dança de Almada’s school, with which they intend to create a play in which movement, theater and the manipulation of animated shapes is to be explored.

The world is constantly changing, but in the last two years we have been experiencing a historical period of transformations that have led to the older population being greatly affected and, in many cases, the victim of some forgetfulness, arranging life stories, with no date of return. This gives rise to the desire to recover “lives” that were on hold, but that still have so much to learn and teach.
Ângela Ribeiro and Susana Rosendo


Ângela Ribeiro is an actress, puppeteer and art education mediator. She is a Master student in Theater at the University of Évora, and has a Degree in Art History from Universidade Nova de Lisboa. She graduated, as a dancer, from Escola de Dança at Academia Almadense and as a dance educator from Fórum Dança. She attended a Puppet Theatre Arts course in Scotland and the Puppetry Department of the Warsaw Academy of Theatre in Poland. She is a certified trainer with the CCP - Certificate of Pedagogical Competences. As part of the INOVART program, she interned in the education service of the Lázaro Galdiano Museum, Madrid. She has had complementary training in theatre, puppetry and dance with Neville Tranter, Hoichi Okamoto, Koryu Nishikawa V, Didier Galas, Matteo Cifariello, Diana Rego, Marina Nabais, Carlos Agudelo Plata, Pedro Giestas, João Paulo Seara Cardoso, Jim Kroupa, Sephen Mottram, Richard Bradshaw, Paulo Duarte, José Jorge Duarte, Cláudia Dias and Márcia Lança, among others. She has collaborated with The Puppet Lab, Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, Royal de Luxe, Marionetas de Mandrágora, Real Pelágio, Companhia de Dança de Almada, P.I.A – Projectos de Intervenção Teatral, O Mundo do Espectáculo, Companhia de Actores, Valdevinos Teatro de Marionetas, João Lizardo, Maria Radich, Marina Nabais, Catarina Pé-Curto, Ana F. Gouveia. She created the performances “Viajando com Violeta”, “O Fazedor de Vidas”, “Alice no País das Maravilhas”, “Bem me quer, Mal me quer”. In 2015 she created “Histórias na ponta da língua | narração oral” and in 2017, with Susana Rosendo, “EmbalArte – teatro para a 1.ª infância”.


Susana Rosendo was born in 1980 and began her dance training under the RAD method. She attended the school of Conservatório Nacional and was taught by Maria Franco. With a degree in Childhood Education, she has worked in various kindergartens as a team leader. She attended the first and second edition of the Training Course for Classical Dance Teachers, organized by Estudios Vítor Cordon and Professor Luísa Carles in 2020 and 2021. In 2021, she received training and certification in the Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) method. She is currently undertaking a Post-Graduation in Dance Training at the Faculdade de Motricidade Humana. In Companhia de Dança de Almada, she participated in several artistic projects as a dancer and teacher and has taught body expression workshops for children. Aside from this, she is an instructor in holiday camps, party and events coordinator, and has developed various projects with different entities such as Zarabatana and Praznik. She received training in the ABA method, having worked with children in the autism spectrum. For seven years, in partnership with music teacher Maria João Costa, she has been developing music and movement workshops for babies for the school A Casa da Dança. She currently teaches dance classes for children, youth, and seniors at Ca.DA School and organizes movement workshops in the school community, IPSS and Associations that support youth and adults with disabilities. In 2017, together with ngela Ribeiro, she created EmbalArte, a theater group for babies and early childhood, with the piece “De Lés a Lés Saberás Quem És”, for which she also created “As voltas que a Terra da” in 2019 and "Do pé para a mão" in 2020.


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