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Choreography by Bruno Duarte and Luís Malaquias
Premiered on March 27th, 2018, at Casa da Cerca - Contemporary Art Center, Almada


A INVENCAO DA RESPOSTA foto3 CaDA 2018 creditos Pedro Soares 637X232


 Beginning with the notion that all architectural spaces are life “bubles”, we can assume that the importance of vacuum arises in the face of the inevitability of their occupation - the potential of emptiness.Life arises when this potential is realized, destroying the vacuum in the process. Life arises in the occupation of an empty space, a blank sheet of paper, a silence, a still body.


“A Invenção da Resposta" (The Invention of the Answer) is a site specific project created by Bruno Duarte and Luís Malaquias, which came about following an invitation from Festival de Música Cidade de Almada to present a show during its 4th edition. In the year when Casa da Cerca celebrated the 25th anniversary of its opening as a Center of Contemporary Art and in continuing its established cooperative relationship with Ca.DA over the last few years, it seemed to be the ideal location in which to debut a creation that spans the universes of dance and music placing them in dialogue with the architecture of space and contemporary art, close intimate relationships, in which we look for new readings and perspectives.


About the authors
Bruno Duarte holds a degree in Dance from Escola Superior de Dança, (ESD) in Lisbon. In 2011, he was an ERASMUS student at ArtEZ Dance Academy, Netherlands, where he completed the "Minor Dancer" program. He was a dancer at Staccato - Companhia de Dança Contemporânea, (2004/11), and performer with Grupo Experimental de Dança, (2011/2), and Quorum Ballet (2013) companies. He was co-creator of the pieces "Metamorfose" for Culturgest, (2011/2), "P48" (video dance), presented at the 20th Quinzena de Dança de Almada, (2012) and "5", (video dance), presented at the Caldas Late Night, (Portugal), L'art difficile de filmer la danse, (Belgium) and InShadow,(Portugal) festivals. He choreographed "someone else ago" for the BOXNOVA program at Centro Cultural de Belém, (2013). He’s participated in workshops and seminars by Mikael Fau and Pauline Journé, (France), João da Silva, (Brazil), Siri Dybwik, (Norway) and Jack Gallagher, (USA), amongst others. He has been a dancer at Ca.DA since 2013, where he’s created the pieces "Riot", "Dentro do Abraço" and "Fobos".


Luís Malaquias began studying Dance in Leiria. In 2012 he graduated from Escola Superior de Dança in Lisbon, where highlights included working with Cristina Graça, Barbara Griggi, Amélia Bentes, José Grave, Teresa Ranieri and Gonçalo Amorim amongst others. He’s danced in several companies, with highlights being the pieces, "Casa do Rio" and "Muito Chão", by Benvindo Fonseca and "La Ligne de Vie", by Carla Jordão whilst with Companhia de Dança de Almada. For the BOXNOVA project at Centro Cultural de Belém, he danced in Bruno Duarte’s "someone else ago". In Quorum Ballet highlights included "Correr o Fado", "Swan Lake" and "Dois Séculos" by Daniel Cardoso and "Alice no País das Maravilhas" by Inês Godinho. In Caldas da Rainha he danced in "Step One" by Ana Margarida Costa. He was a co-producer and performer in the video dance productions, "P48" and "5", presented at the 20th Quinzena de Dança de Almada and at the Caldas Late Night, (Portugal), L'art difficile de filmer la danse, (Bélgica) and InShadow, (Portugal), festivals respectively. He has been a dancer with Ca.DA since 2013.


Artistic overview
Choreography: Bruno Duarte and Luís Malaquias
Music: Takashi Yoshimatsu, Astor Piazzolla, John Thomas, Gabriel Fauré (in order of presentation)
Performers, (original cast): Beatriz Rousseau, Bruno Duarte, Francisco Ferreira, Joana Puntel, Luís Malaquias, Mariana Romão, Raquel Tavares and apprentice Beatriz Coutinho
Live musicians (original cast): David Costa, (oboe), Eduardo Reis, (guitar), Rita Silva, (piano), Rui Cristão (violin), Salomé Matos, (harp).
Répétiteur and choreographers assistant: Maria João Lopes



A INVENCAO DA RESPOSTA foto1 CaDA 2018 creditos Pedro Soares 500x500


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