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Choreography by Lucinda Saragga

New Coreographers Program



Tempo de Espera foto_3_©_Pedro_Soares


Time is suspended; people are alienated, locked in the uncertainty of their own future, real or imaginary. Every moment passing slowly by whilst we are dragged forward by the hope inherent in human existence. A complex balance between wanting to surrender, and the instinct to live.


"Life is like a hotel where I wait the arrival of my transport to the abyss. Sitting at the door, concentrating my eyes and ears to the colours and sounds of the landscape, I sing slowly to myself; vague songs I compose whilst waiting."

Bernardo Soares, pseudonym of Portuguese Poet Fernando Pessoa writing in his book "Livro do Desassossego"


Artistic and technical overview

Choreography: Lucinda Saragga Original

Music: Bernardo Sassetti

Video: Pedro Jacobetty

Performers: Carla Jordão, Débora Queiroz e Sofia Silva

30' | M6


About the author

Lucinda Saragga Born in Lisbon on August 2nd 1987, Lucinda graduated from the Escola Superior de Dança – Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa, in the area of dance, interpretation and creation. In 1994 she began studying Classical Dance under the Royal Ballet School method with Elizabete Mello, and in 2001 began contemporary dance with Alexandra Reis, afterwards joining the Associação Gestos (amateur association of contemporaneous dance), undertaking the roles of interpretation and choreographer. She joined the Associação Cultural "O Mundo do Espectáculo – Núcleo de Teatro" participating in Drama, art, music and body expression lessons. During 2004/5 with Rita Galo e Maria João Mirco she completed the 3rd year of the Dance course of Academia de Dança de Lisboa going on to attend the 3rd year of the Erasmus Program at the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg, studying Classic Dance under Keith Randolph, the Cunnigham technique with Marc Van Loon, Jazz dance with Silke Ortloff and Theatrical dance lessons with Eddy Becquart.

She has taken part in various workshops including Classical Dance, Jazz Dance, Traditional Dance and above all Contemporary Dance, most notably participating in the workshop organised by Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, "Body Awareness Training" with Georg Reischl, and that organized by the Zappálla Dance Company – 5th Dance Festival Uva Grapes – Contemporary Technique with Ori Flamin and the Choreography Labarotory with Roberto Zappalá.

She participated in the curso de Dança na Comunidade pelo Forúm Dança, with Madalena Victorino, Manuela Pedroso, Marta Silva, Tiago Guedes, Filipa Francisco, amongst others. In 2007 she entered Companhia Dançarte, (Palmela), during which she participated in different young children's dance projects namely: "Um lago sem água e cem barbatanas", "Uma Escola sem água e barbatanas" and "Truz Truz por um Triz". In 2009 she took part in the Permance Arts course in SOU Arte e Movimento with Felix Lozano and Miguel Moreira. Lucinda is presently working with Companhia de Dança de Almada on Benvindo Fonseca's Casa do Rio, and other pieces such as Nuno Gomes' Olhares, Ricardo Ambrózio's Nossos, and a production commemorating 20 years of the the Company, entitled Revisitar o passado, Antever o futuro, with Ana Macara, Clara Andermatt and Benvindo Fonseca.



Tempo de Espera foto_2_©_Pedro_Soares



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