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Choreography by Carla Jordão

Emerging Choreographers Programme in 2013, premiered at May 4, 2013, in the Auditorium Fernando Lopes-Graça in Almada.


Uma historia_para_nunca_ser_contada_foto_09_creditos_Pedro_Soares

Where is the boundary between fantasy and reality, when reality is transformed into a world in which there are no barriers between that which is real that which is simply make believe?

In a story that we thought existed, the one that doesn't want to be told, where the beginning is nothing but an end?

A weakened body, once strong, seeking a new beginning within an impending end: in a space and dimension confined within that story which can never to be told.


"Primeiro aconteceu a chuva, na realidade

Não a ouviste, o ruído dos anjos escreveu outras linhas

Sobre a mesa abandonada. Sobre ela

Puseste o corpo, o campo, o mapa, o livro,

A faca, a carta vinda de muito longe. Apenas

Sabes que és tu que aí estás: o remetente não existe

É só um sopro que enviou a carta"

Francisco José Viegas


About the author

Carla Jordão graduated in Performance Dance from the Escola Superior de Dança, Lisbon. Her professional experience comprises of Dance and Theatre as a performer, (with companies and projects), and choreography. She has participated in various performances in Portugal, Spain, France, Greece, Poland, Austria and Germany. She is presently a dancer with the Companhia de Danca de Almada working with diverse choreographers such as Benvindo Fonseca, Clara Andermatt, Guillermo Horta Bettencourt, Jean Paul Bucchieri, Marie Coquil and Rui Pinto. She was also a dancer with the Kamu Suna Ballet Company, under the direction of César Moniz. She collaborated with the Inestética Companhia Teatral, in the piece "O 3º Homem". In Berlin she participated in two choreographic works by choreographer Chaim Gebber. During the summer of 2008 in Cologne and Viena, she was involved in the production of "7XK", by Mario Mattiazzo for the Festival Sommerblut. More recently she's been involved in a project with choreographer and playwright Célestine Hennerman, based in Düsseldorf and Frankfurt. Additionally she choreographed "Who said that God is a man?", which was created and written in Zurich (Tanzhaus Wasserwerk) and Düsseldorf (Tanzhaus NRW), and "Duas faces e Uma parede" which she co-created with dancer Lucinda Saragga. "La Ligne de Vie" for the Companhia de Dança de Almada, which was chosen to represent that company at the festival, (Croatia), the Insoliti festival, (Turin), and ProART Festival (Czech Republic). She choreographed and performed the solo piece "Self Portrait", which was created and developed during a residency in L'AGORA, Guilers (France), with its debut at the La Becquée festival, (Brest). Recently she choreographed and performed "Me you you Me", a co-creation with Romain Husson, resulting in an artistic residency and performance at CAE, Figueira da Foz, (Portugal).


Artistic overview

Choreography and performance: Carla Jordão
Music: A Silver Mt. Zion
Wardrobe: Companhia de Dança de Almada



Uma historia_para_nunca_ser_contada_foto_03_creditos_Pedro_Soares_qd


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