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Hugo David CaDA 2023

Directed by Hugo David
Premiere on September 22nd, at Salão das Carochas, on the program of Quinzena de Dança de Almada - International Dance Festival

Starting from “RGB”, a contemporary dance piece characterized by the use of predominant colors on stage, Hugo David proposes to develop a dance video project, transporting the light environments off stage.

“RGB” is an original idea by Jon López and Martxel Rodriguez (Led Silhouette), developed in artistic residency with Companhia de Dança de Almada. It premiered at the opening of the 29th Quinzena de Dança de Almada - International Dance Festival, in partnership with Mostra Espanha 2021.


Direction, camera and editing: Hugo David
Choreography: Jon López and Martxel Rodriguez, in collaboration with the performers
Performance: Bruno Duarte, Lúcia Salgueiro, Luís Malaquias, Mariana Romão, Raquel Tavares and Vítor Afonso
Music: Bruno Duarte and Hugo David
Costumes: Led Silhouette
Head of production: Luís Malaquias
Production Assistant: José Pacheco
Production: Companhia de Dança de Almada

Acknowledgments: Ana Vasconcelos


Hugo David (Lisbon, 1995) grew up in an environment where photography abounded. The son of photographers, he also decided to study and invest in photography. He studied at Escola de Dança do Conservatório Nacional, 2005/2009, at Escola Secundária Artística António Arroio, specializing in Photography, 2010/2013 and at IADE Creative University – Escola Superior de Design, where he completed a Degree in Photography and Visual Culture, 2013/ 2016. Parallel to studies and professional life, the passion for skateboarding is always present. He works with photography, video and sound. Professionally, he collaborates with: Companhia Nacional de Bailado, Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa, Companhia de Dança de Almada, Epal - Companhia Portuguesa das Águas Livres, Imago Lisboa, 7 Maravilhas de Portugal, Sapo 24, Teatro Municipal Joaquim Benite, Lux Frágil, among others.


Contact the production of Companhia de Dança de Almada for the presentation of this creation (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


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Mon. to Fri., 10AM to 1PM | 2:30PM to 6PM

Ca.DA Escola

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Mon. to Fri., 4PM to 8PM

Quinzena de Dança de Almada International Dance Festival

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