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SubRosa foto 1 CaDA 2018 creditos Pedro Soares 637X232

Conception and choreography by Bruno Duarte
Premiered on 20th of October in Convento dos Capuchos, Almada

Approx. 50' | ages 6 and over


When you touch someone you’re not touching a thing but a person, which is not an object of pleasure, which cannot be consummated, but which offers the possibility of authentic communion. Without this communion, chastity is not possible, but one is driven by compulsion, impulse, and possession.
Enzo Bianchi, In "Monastero di Bose"


About the author
Bruno Duarte holds a degree in Dance from Escola Superior de Dança, (ESD) in Lisbon. In 2011, he was an ERASMUS student at ArtEZ Dance Academy, Netherlands, where he completed the "Minor Dancer" program. He was a dancer at Staccato - Companhia de Dança Contemporânea, (2004/11), and performer with Grupo Experimental de Dança, (2011/2), and Quorum Ballet (2013) companies. He was co-creator of the pieces "Metamorfose" for Culturgest, (2011/2), "P48" (video dance), presented at the 20th Quinzena de Dança de Almada, (2012) and "5", (video dance), presented at the Caldas Late Night, (Portugal), L'art difficile de filmer la danse, (Belgium) and InShadow,(Portugal) festivals. He choreographed "someone else ago" for the BOXNOVA program at Centro Cultural de Belém, (2013). He’s participated in workshops and seminars by Mikael Fau and Pauline Journé, (France), João da Silva, (Brazil), Siri Dybwik, (Norway) and Jack Gallagher, (USA), amongst others. He has been a dancer at Ca.DA since 2013, where he’s created the pieces "Riot", "Dentro do Abraço" and "Fobos".


Artistic overview
Conception and choreography: Bruno Duarte
Co-creation and performance (original cast): Beatriz Rousseau, Bruno Duarte, Francisco Ferreira, Joana Puntel, Luís Malaquias, Mariana Romão, Raquel Tavares
Music: António Vivaldi, Bruno Coulais, Hanan Townshend, Nicola Porpora, Ottorino Respighi, Vladimir Ivanoff
Sound design: Bruno Duarte
Répétiteur and assistant choreographer: Maria João Lopes



Mosteiro de Alcobaça, Alcobaça - Portugal, July 13, 2019
Universidade de Coimbra | Páteo das Escolas, Coimbra - Portugal, July 12, 2019



SubRosa foto 8 CaDA 2018 creditos Pedro Soares 500x500




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