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AF 23QDA quadrado 1 peq


In presenting another edition of Quinzena de Dança de Almada, we’re once more sensing the strong expectation of a “coming together” between artists and audiences from around the world of contemporary dance.

A “coming together” through shows, workshops, discussion panels and at the venues in which it’s hosted - it’s our desire, once again, to bring works developed from different perspectives and from different parts of the globe to a Portuguese audience. A reunion of the contemporary dance community with the Almada community.

This edition also sees us celebrating the 25th anniversary of Companhia de Dança de Almada: we’ll be presenting a new commemorative show and an exhibition about the work we’ve developed over the last quarter of a century.

The program introduces Margarida Belo, a young and interesting Portuguese choreographer to our audience and a show resulting from an international collaboration with Companhia de Danza da UCAM, in addition to the 18 performances which are planned for the Plataforma Coreográfica Internacional, (International Platform for Choreographers). The Plataforma will once again will be a highlight of the festival, presenting various and diverse high quality pieces during each session.

There’s a session especially for choreographers and public to meet and in which one can expect to experience an exchange and mutual clarification of some of the questions that present themselves to contemporary artistic creation and their audiences.

As has become the norm during the Quinzena, both public and dance students/ professionals have the opportunity to work directly with invited artists through workshops and master classes.

Finally, we’ll be hosting an international video exhibition at different venues throughout Almada and Lisbon, with the aim of bringing the festival to different audiences.


Let’s enjoy it!



exposicao foto jorge goncalves exposicao foto Pedro Soares

25 September | Friday | 19:00 #Inauguration
26 September to 10 October | Monday to Friday between 10:00 and 17:00, Saturdays 10:00 and 13:00 | Ca.DA Centro (Ed. Academia Almadense)


“25 years of Companhia de Dança de Almada”
Photographic Exhibition


The past made present through the lenses of photographers who’ve worked with Companhia de Dança de Almada over the years. Images of ephemeral moments that are etched in our memory. Works which have become perennial, initially on film, today in digital media formats. Images emphasized by the scenography they are set in.
25 years of pictures from choreographic creations where our dancers, whose ability to fill the stage by embodying different characters, has managed to convey the art of contemporary dance to the public.
Over 25 years, Companhia de Dança de Almada, initially Grupo de Dança de Almada, has developed its work uninterrupted, creating conditions for young and recognized choreographers to present their creations.


Free admission



26 September | Saturday | 21:30
27 September | Sunday | 16:00 Teatro Municipal Joaquim Benite


“Identidade e Multiplicidade” 25th anniversary comemorative programme

Companhia de Dança de Almada
Artistic Director: Maria Franco


To celebrate 25 years of existence, we present a new program in which it’s our intention to reflect different facets of our work. This show, which is to have many parts, just like the story of Companhia de Dança de Almada, presents three choreographers in different life cycles. A program in which tradition is present affirming the contemporaneity and the diversity of creators who represent the Company’s identity. We have chosen to resurrect a piece which debuted in 2000, but which is still relevant today.


With music from the immortal Edith Piaf, Ana Macara makes an incursion into the feminine universe marked by personal experiences and a formal view of movement. We’re also reviving, in a new format, a piece from our repertoire which has taken on a new meaning: created by Nuno Gomes, it matches our desire to promote contemporary dance supported by traditional Portuguese culture - in particular Cante Alentejano, (Alentejo songs). We’re also bringing to the stage a piece by Daniela Andana, which she created in 2015 under the auspices of Ca.DA’s desire to support emerging choreographers, a project we’ve been undertaking for some time.



 Identidade e Multiplicidade foto Flor Salgueiro

Não lugar (2015) - excerpt

Choreography: Daniela Andana
Music: Portishead, Maxence Cyrin
Text: Nitin Sawhney
Costumes: Vanessa Monteiro
Performance: Bruno Duarte, Joana Puntel, Luís Malaquias, Mariana Romão, Miguel Santos

Created at the invitation of Casa da Cerca – Centro de Arte Contemporânea, under the collective exhibition “Viagem”, (2015)




 Identidade e multiplicadade Elevado a 4 foto jorge goncalves

Elevado a 4 (2000) - excerpts

Choreography: Ana Macara
Music: N. Glanzberg, H. Giraud, M. Monnot, C. Dumont, interpretados por Edith Piaf
Costumes: Ana Macara
Ligthing design: José Rui Silva and Ana Macara
Performance: Daniela Andana, Joana Puntel, Mariana Romão e a participação especial das alunas da Ca.DA Escola, Íris Fonseca, Maria Inês Costa and Rita Pires




 Identidade e Multiplicidade CaDA 2010 foto Pedro Soares

Olhares (2010) - new version

Choreography: Nuno Gomes
Music: Pedro Caldeira Cabral, Arvo Part
Music Editing and Montage: Nuno Gomes
Costumes: Fauze El Kadre e Nuno Gomes
Performance: Bruno Duarte, Daniela Andana, Joana Puntel, Luís Malaquias, Nuno Gomes, Mariana Romão e Miguel Santos
Special participation: Grupo Coral e Etnográfico Amigos do Alentejo do Feijó.


Choreographic assistant and rehearsal supervisor: Maria João Lopes
Lighting design: Cláudia Rodrigues
Sound: José Pacheco


Ana Macara began her training in classical dance, working with Anna Mascolo until 1973. After which she worked in Jazz and contemporary dance in Paris, London and New York.
She was a founder and choreographer of the Grupo Experimental de Dança Jazz. She founded and directed Grupo de Dança Atitudes e Movimentos. She developed her work in several shows for theater, television and multimedia. In Belgium choreographed for Danscompagnie Francine De Veylder.
In 1987 she finished her MA in Dance from the University of North Carolina and in 1994 the European Doctorate in Dance at FMH.
Since 1991 she’s collaborated with Companhia de Dança de Almada as a guest choreographer, having created nine pieces and various training projects. She participated in the conception and direction of Quinzena da Dança de Almada.
A retired teacher from Faculdade de Motricidade Humana, where she taught for over 30 years. She represented Portugal in the Consultative Commission of DaCi and was a member of the Executive board for Dance of Elia (European League of Institutes of the Arts).
Currently a researcher of INET-MD, she’s developed numerous research projects in the field of dance and published and presented at national and international conferences.


Daniela Andana is currently studying for her Master’s degree in Artes Cénicas at Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas, she has a degree in Physical Education from Faculdade de Motricidade Humana (2005), and in Dance from Escola Superior de Dança (2008), having completed the last semester in Danshogskolan, Sweden, where she worked with Camilla Ekelof.
At the Faculdade de Motricidade Humana participated in Projecto Eurodanse, choreographed by Wayne McGregor, with a final presentation in Ireland in 2002.
In Escola Superior de Dança, performed pieces by the following choreographers: Rui Horta, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Mercê Cunningham, Marta Graham, Vasco Valenkamp, and worked professionally with Amélia Bentes, Claire Pençak and Ludger Lamers.
She has participated in workshops/performances with the following teachers and choreographers: Cristina Planas Leitão, Hélder Seabra, Filipa Francisco, Margarida Mestre, Teresa Ranieri, Maria José Bernardino, Peter Michael Dietz, Luís Xarez, Amélia Bentes, Stephan Jurgens, Arlett Huntz, Will Swanson, and Natalia Timonaeva.
As a professional dancer she took part in performances for children between 2006 and 2011. In the year of 2010, she joined Companhia de Dança de Almada as a professional dancer, where she remains to this day.
As a choreographer she created “Para Além da Imagem”, (2009) and “Acasos”, (2011). In 2011, she co-authored the piece “Galileu” with Beatriz Rousseau, the début of which was during the 19.ª Quinzena de Dança de Almada. She also presented this work in Sesimbra, Lisbon, Coimbra and Zagreb.

Nuno Gomes began his dance studies in 1998. He has worked with Companhia de Dança do Tejo, (the Tagus Dance Company), Companhia de Bailado da Madeira, (Madeira Ballet Company), Centro Coreográfico de Valência, (Choreographic Center of Valencia), and Lisboa Ballet Contemporâneo, (Lisbon Contemporary Ballet). Since 2006 he has been with Companhia de Dança de Almada, (Dance Company of Almada).
He has worked with various teachers and choreographers, namely Vítor Linhares, Guilherme Dias, Palmira Camargo, Maria Palmeirim, José Grave, Pascale, Vitor Garcia, David Fielding, Patrick de Bana, Cristina Graça, Thomas Noone, Benvindo de Fonseca, Gagik Ismailian. Highlights have included roles in “O Banco”, “Acirfa”, “Aman”, ”Uma noite com Ella”, “Salcapate”, “Makeba”, “Para que a terra não esqueça”, “Castanheda”, “Callas”, “Casa do Rio” and “Muito Chão”.
He choreographed “Dancing for pleasure” for Companhia de Bailado da Madeira; “Entre a Necessidade e o Medo” (2008), “Olhares” (2010) and “Jogos de Letras” (2012) for Companhia de Dança de Almada.


Duration: 75'
Performance for an audience ages 6 and over

10€, 6€ youth and 7€ senior citizens



displaced episodes foto antonio cabrita

 2 October | Friday | 21:30
Auditório Fernando Lopes-Graça


displaced episodes
Margarida Belo Costa


Concept and creation: Margarida Belo Costa
Performance and co-creation: Margarida Belo Costa; Joana Puntel; Bruno Duarte; Luís Malaquias; Miguel Ângelo.
Music: Johann Johannson; Ryoji Ikeda; Aoki Takamasa; Kreng; Gabriel Prokofiev
Music editing and montage: Margarida Belo Costa
Lighting design: Hugo Franco
Wardrobe and scenery: Margarida Belo Costa
Video scene, editing and montage: Margarida Belo Costa e Bruno Duarte
Photographic record: Raquel Rijo, António Cabrita e Bruno Prekatado
Video record, editing and montage: Ricardo Damásio
Partnerships: Companhia de Dança de Almada e ‘Dobrar.
With thanks to: Maria Franco, Ricardo Damásio, Hugo Franco, Inês Godinho, Elson Ferreira, Raquel Rijo, São Castro, António Cabrita, Bruno Prekatado, Amália Rodrigues, Margarida Nascimento, José João Costa and José Castro. To all those who made this project possible.


In the current world, dynamic and monotonously complex, the simple routine that surrounds us goes unnoticed. Little everyday details are visual magnets that bind us, making us lose track of time, space and reality. Numerous images that transform into imaginary desires, small havens, hiding, or just abstractions. Identifiable at first sight, clichéd moments such as: sitting on the couch surfing TV; meeting someone in a beautiful park, having to clean the house, and even knowing it’s a mess, completely ignoring the task; after a party, suffering from a hangover, try to understand what happened; these are moments trapped in our memory. Displaced episodes is a piece that combines simple daily events, where the performers are reflections of real situations, transporting to the stage the original panorama taken to the extreme and beyond reality.


Margarida Costa Belo, from Caldas da Rainha, started her journey in dance in the Atelier da Dança, a creative project of Escola Vocacional de Dança das Caldas da Rainha. A Graduate of the Royal Academy of Dance, her studies in Classical Dance Technique developed in parallel with Modern and Contemporary Dance. In 2004 she joined Grupo Experimental de Dança (GED) as a dancer performing pieces by, among others, Catarina Moreira, Bruno Cochat, Daniel Cardoso and Rui Lopes Graça.
In 2009 she entered Escola Superior de Dança-IPL, finishing her degree in 2012. In 2010/2011 received the Merit Scholarship awarded by IPL. Throughout her academic career she participated in various training courses and national and international workshops. As creator, in 2012 she presented the piece Step 1 for the GED of EVDCR. In 2013 she participated in the co-production of video dance "5" presented in several countries, (Portugal, Belgium, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, among others), winning the award for best dance video in competition – public’s choice, at the InShadow, (Portugal), festival. Interned at Companhia Quorum Ballet, under the direction of Daniel Cardoso in 2013, touring in Portugal, China and Denmark. In 2014 joined the cast of the O Som e a Fúria show, (Companhia Teatro Mosca), under the direction of Pedro Alves, participating in tours in various Portuguese cities, (Lisbon, Oporto, Beja, Guarda, among others). At present she is enrolled in a master’s program in ESD-IPL to obtain a Professional Graduate Diploma in Education, she’s a teacher at various schools in Lisbon and is a freelance dancer and creator. Displaced Episodes is her latest creation, which debuted at Centro Cultural de Belém in the Programa BOX NOVA 2015 on the 10th and 11th April. Recently, at the invitation of Festival de Música de Alcobaça Cistermúsica 2015 she presented it at the Museum of Puppetry, Lisbon, (July 16) and Mosteiro de Alcobaça (17th July).


Duration: 50';
Performance for an audience ages 12 and over

6€, 3€ youth and senior citizens



dancidades cada escola foto pedro barata

3 October | Saturday | 17:00
Museu da Cidade de Almada


Programa “DanCidades”
Escola da Companhia de Dança de Almada


"DanCidades" is a programme by Companhia de Dança de Almada aiming to support dance inspired by urban architecture, with a view to creating and presenting performances in unexpected spaces. Its aim is to inform the public about the work of both resident and invited artists.


Good memories!

Choreography: Rita Judas
Music: Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Performance: Ana Prada, Bárbara Mendes, Carolina Afonso, Carolina Cunha, Catarina Leitão, Filipa Pereira, Ísis Gomes, Joana Gomes, Leonor Lobão, Mariana Lopes, Mariana Calado, Marta Gomes e Marta Morais, alunas do Curso Vocacional 4 da Ca.DA Escola.


Choreography: Rita Judas
Music: Kronos Quartet
Performance: Ana Beatriz Lourenço, Ana Catarina Vinagre, Carolina Wilkinson, Iara Barreiro, Inês Ribeiro e Teresa Coutinho, alunas do Curso Vocacional 6 da Ca.DA Escola.


Free admission



residencia juana SEBASTIAN GOMEZ LOZANO 1

3 October | Saturday | 21:30
Cine-Teatro da Academia Almadense


Compañia Universitária de Danza UCAM


Choreography: Cármen Werner
Performance: Mariló Molina, Teresa Pacheco, Catalina Castro e Cármen Codina
Direction: Maria Dolores Molina
Collaboration: Sebástián Gomez-Lozano


A choreographic creation inspired upon Salvador Dali.
JUANA is that timeless woman. The ephemeral nature of her feelings transported to a room.


This program results from a collaboration with Grupo de Investigación de Artes Escénicas da UCAM.


Duration: 40’
Performance for an audience ages 12 and over

Free admission



 8 October | Thursday | 21:30
Teatro Municipal Joaquim Benite, Experimental Room


International Platform for Choreographers – 1st Programme


plataforma prism ANDREA HACKL 2

Andrea Hackl
Austria / Holland


Choreography and performance: Andrea Hackl


"The world is a rainbow, the mind is a prism and the being is the white ray" OSHO, Intuition




PRISM is a work that digs into the structures that we construct and move within to define us. At which point do these structures and concepts that help us to orientate ourselves in the world become restrictive or a self-built prison?



plataforma designed to fail CATARINA MORLA 

Designed to fail
Catarina Morla


Choreography: Catarina Morla
Performance: Rui Peixoto, Ângelo Cid Neto
Music: Elisabet Reia aka BeMa
Duration: 20’


What leads to change makes us unchangeable.
We have never been more aware of the possibility of our absence than now. Based on signs we interpret characters and postures that build compromising languages. From a razor's edge we could fall either way, the question is whether imperfection is the best we can achieve.


plataforma senza saper BELLANDA COMPANY 2 

Senza saper né leggere né scrivere
Bellanda Company


Choreography: Giovanni Leonarduzzi
Performance: Anna Savanelli, Giovanni Leonarduzzi, Raffaello Titton


The piece is regarded as the mechanism of a watch: the spiral paths that are repeated reminiscent of the continuous and incessant repetitive movement of a clock’s hands. The clock only works when all the gears turn in unison, each doing its own thing but in a constant interaction and helping each other.
Although things are still working, the gears spinning, it isn’t possible to influence the direction in which they will turn, not even if you believe something can change their course.
As with the watch mechanism, there is just the basic urge to continue moving, so all that is needed is on the stage: three dancers, three bodies, turning in unison.




 plataforma Segundo Paragrafo SOFIA SOROMENHO

Segundo parágrafo (Première)
Sofia Soromenho


Choreography: Sofia Soromenho
Performance: Anouschka Freitas, Daniela Serra, Rebeca Sacasi e Sofia Soromenho
Music: Vítor Rua
Light Design: Filipe Pacheco
Dramaturgical support: Daniel Tércio
Artist residency support: Teatro do Vestido, ESTAL


Anonymous bodies moving at high speed where are they going?
Rushing for what?
They walk, run, fall, get up, but never touch.
They are alone.
They communicate through a screen - a mobile phone, a tablet, a computer - who are they?
What do they feel?
A feminine universe that wavers between fragility and strength.
Characters who metamorphose that are never exclusively one: but several, overlapping, showing themselves and hiding through the narrative.
They want to communicate, they want to talk, but sometimes their voice is not enough.
The voice doesn’t express feelings.
Empty words and virtual relationships.
The discomfort takes over and is reflected in the eyes and in the body.
A single woman, a woman who is absent from the present.
Many women.
A woman, alone.


plataforma lupi EMMA CIANCHI 2 

Art Garage / Neo Contemporary Dance Network


Choreography: Emma Cianchi
Performance: Antonio Nicastro, Luca Cacciapuoti
Choreographer assistant: Michela Ricciardi


That state of intense tension between a primordial instinct and reason distinguishes man from animal.
The spontaneity of the animals comes perhaps as an unattainable goal for man, constantly suppressed by morality and tradition.
Dispersed instincts, strong and essential, remain alive in a corner of our souls, echoing in every human spirit: the defence of its territory is one of those.
Many stage actions of the dancers enliven the space, the actions that demonstrate lines and tracks taken from the observation of animal behaviour and the study of the movement of various fighting techniques and combat.


Duration: 110'
Performance for an audience ages 12 and over

6€, 4,2€ youth and senior citizens



9 October | Friday | 17:00

Praça da Liberdade


International Platform for Choreographers – 2nd Programme


plataforma moto sensivel RENATO CRUZ

Moto sensivel
Companhia Híbrida


Choreography: Renato Cruz
Performance: Daniel Oliveira, Fábio Max, Jefte Francisco, Luciana Monnerat, Luciano Mendes, Mailson Morais, Marjory Lopes, Raphael Lima (Russo)
Duration: 20’


This presentation is comprised of various segments taken from the show Moto Sensível. In this, the second part of a trilogy based upon the theme, "Hip Hop and Fragility", three main points form the basis for the presentation - the use of gesture in Hip Hop culture; repetition as the basis for transforming / corrupting certain signs; the search for other forms of choreography for this medium.
Through a collaborative process, a mix of impressions and stories from its own performers and through composition of movement, this work is also intended to be a magnifying glass focused on the street dancer, on the beauty of their movement, on the strength and energy of their vigorous body - "without limits".
Repetition seeking subversion, transformation seeking approximation, a creation that seeks to connect with the viewer in other ways - questions that this work explores. Its essence, however, is to inspire discussion on the market, culture and philosophy within Hip Hop.


plataforma both LILIJA LIPORA 4 

Lilija Lipora


Choreography: Lilija Lipora
Performance: Eva Vancāne, Jānis Lācis
Music: Kaspars Tobis
Light design: Egils Kupčs


Both debuted on 29th April 2014
But this project still continues to develop.


The bike dance performance BOTH started to develop two years ago.
We set out to investigate how to create common movement – bike dance movement. How totally different people and their professional attitudes try to find compromises.


A teamwork of bike trial rider and dancer stress our borders, speculations and comfort zone from which we can’t escape, for coming closer to each other, for creating, for getting on... to live for experience and love!
A different one challenges, attracts, teases.
Can people who lead a totally different style of life find common language if they fall in love or even if they have to share one space for some reason?


plataforma anyway acids MARIANA POMBAL 

Mariana Pombal



Choreography: Mariana Pombal
Performance: Diana Portugal, Joana Silva, Margarida Carlos, Margarida Fonseca


“Let me introduce you to a brand new dance. I know you’re gonna love it if you give it one chance.” The Chemical Brothers


Duration: 46'
Performance for an audience ages 3 and over

Free of charge



9 October | Fiday | 21:30

Teatro Municipal Joaquim Benite, Sala Experimental


International Platform for Choreographers – 3rd Programme


plataforma stay still stand sillent JOAO CARDOSO 

Stay Still, Stand Silent
João Cardoso


Choreography: João Cardoso
Performance: Diana Sábio, João Cardoso, Rita Rosa, Susana Pereira, Victor Gomes
Choreographic assistant: Maurícia Neves
Co-production: Escola Superior de Dança
Duration: 20’


Stay Still, Stand Silent, tells of a body, bodies, souls that try to be more, to discover more, live longer, ransacking space in search for reason and the limits of their own persistence. On a conventional stage, five dancers look at themselves and seek answers from factors which test their resolve.



plataforma close up COMPANY4749 2 

Close Up With The World – variation – duo Au plus près du monde – variation – duo
Compagny 47•49 François Veyrunes


Choreography: François Veyrunes
Performance: Alexandre Bachelard e Sylvère Lamotte


“How does one live and accept one’s masculinity other than by negating or subduing femininity?”


On stage, the characters are faced with their respective differences, similarities, desires and urges and will interpret them in their interactions around this duality which lies within them. Can the stage dynamics uncover interpersonal relationships other than dichotomized and go beyond the expected and pre-determined?
It is not about confrontation, but about reaching a state where acceptance does not imply surrender.
Through the language of dance, I try to let these potential life forces, deep within the shadows of each of us, come to light.




plataforma peau d ame COMPAGNIA NUDA VERITAS 1 

Peau d’âme
Compagnia Nuda Veritas


Choreography and performance: Giovanna Amarú
Light design: Marco Sciveres


A Trilogy on light, 3rd Stanza, the time. Inspired by Perrault’s French literary fairytale, “Peau d’ane, (Donkey Skin), the piece is a work about Time, meant as a musical metamorphosis through different states of mind, emotional and physical body. The movement shifts constantly between aerial and ground quality, wide and molecular, inner and peripheral in the aim to reach the “Soul Skin”. A research, a stratigraphy on the concept of body/time, seen through a donkey staying awake till his transfiguration.




plataforma this is not MAURICIA NEVES 

This is not a love story. This is A and B. (Premier)
Maurícia | Neves


Concept, choreography and costumes: Maurícia | Neves
Performance: António Torres, Barbara Carlos
Lighting design: Maurícia Neves & Francisco Leston
Music: Nils Frahm, "Says"; This will destroy you, “Little smoke”
Photography and video: Duck Production
Duration: 20’
Residency: Alkantara, Espaço do Tempo, Eira


Nowadays, the daily life is an ode to despair.
B is crudely manipulated, they feel to be coming and going: not understanding the pain but accepting it. A is an interruption of B. B accepts it, lets itself be interrupted. Corrupted.
They seem sincere to each other but aren’t. They seem attentive but aren’t. Seem sexual but aren’t. They learn to play with each other, transforming themselves. Saturated with the daily routine, with the repetition. A and B are defence mechanisms of themselves and of the surroundings. They are power games. They collide, they stir up. And the power falls. There's no more power, only revolt. B always manipulates A to manipulate B. A and B's relationship is superficially warm and deeply cold.


Duration: 75'
Performance for an audience ages 12 and over

6€, 4,2€ youth and senior citizens



10 October | Saturday | 21:30
Teatro Municipal Joaquim Benite, Sala Experimental


International Platform for Choreographers – 4th Programme


plataforma nihangan CIE GUILILI 1 

Compagnie Guilili

(to be confirmed)


Choreography: Moada Yakana Marc Bertrand
Performance: Ngatoum Willy Armel, Wandja Kemayou Camilla Jordy, Baga Yakana Eric
Light design: Tchiwu Rene
Sound: Tchiwu Rene
Duration: 20’


Listening to the wind blowing, breathing and alive.
Move while you have strength
Look at the swaying of the trees, day-to-day,
The sun’s energy.
How smooth the moon is, the water flowing in the river
Animals screaming, growling and barking,
The birds chirping in the branches of trees in the breeze,
The ubiquitous nature,
Dances without stopping,
The movement in a state of consciousness reveals limits:
But in a state of unconsciousness reveals the magic of life and
The strength of our breath.
Our heart beat’s rhythm and vibration of the blood in our veins,
Expresses an intense inner energy
Translated by rhythmic gestures, a magical choreography.
Awareness of a forgotten pleading in the rhythm of life




plataforma bicos de papagaio foto elisa ferreira 

Bicos de papagaio – exercício dançante
Elisa Ferreira


Choreography and performance: Elisa Ferreira
Duration: 15’30’’


Popularly known as "parrot beak" (bone spurs), Osteophytosis are outgrowths of bone tissue which from around damaged joints - one of the manifestations of arthritis affecting the spinal column. Over the years, the body's joints suffer a natural wear which brings the problem to the fore.
There is also the 'professional wear' which ensures the aggravation of the problem!


Time-Space / Mote / Inspiration:
How does a former dancer relate with dance as an artistic expression... in which the connection and analogy with animals is increasingly evident ...?
Night and Nocturnal beings: I am Nocturnal, and I can finally live this part of me without work and family constraints. A part of my night is granted to maintaining fitness and practicing dance movements; I call this physical and psychological privacy time, security, energy, animality, beauty, serenity and presence, my transcendence zone, my fight-club. I am one with myself. I reflect on the difference between survival, "adaptation to the environment" and "mimicry"; I find humor in difficulties; recapitulate and rediscover the 'let go' (detachment); closing without banal thoughts and without pain.


Musical Inspiration: 'Heaven's Joke' / 'Freedom is a State of Mind' / 'I (do not) fault the police'. Corporate Avenger is a Native American rock band whose themes include an intense insight, express matters relating to Politics, Knowledge and Spirituality. //
Socratic inspiration: "If measure and symmetry are absent from any composition in any degree, ruin awaits both the ingredients and the composition... Measure and symmetry are beauty and virtue the world over.” Socrates.
Inspiration from Nature: the Owls, cats.




plataforma me ve mai SALLY ANNE 3 

Me Ve Mai
Sally-Anne Friedland


Choreography: Sally-Anne Friedland
Performance: Mai Armon
Duration: 10’’


A sculptural portrait of a young woman dancer




plataforma nobodys story INMA MARIN 

Nobody’s Story
Cia. Flesh


Choreography and performance: Inma Marin
Duration: 25’


Nobody is a character whose identity has been built based on memory.
A memory from those who had ever thought of him.


This is a work based on perception, experiences and emotions of a character without references, without rules but with the need of sketching himself into the world.




plataforma double jeu MELTINGSPOT 

Double Je(u)
Compagnie Melting Spot
France / Belgium / Burkina Faso


Choreography and performance: Farid Berki & Serge Aimé Coulibaly


Double Je(u) is a choreographic confrontation in which two choreographers show what they find better in the other in terms of movement and of essential gesture. They create two solos for each other. They work around a simple question - how to find his place in the space of the other. To be in confrontation, to unite – until, exhausted, they find the best part of the other one: discover him: finally meet his humanity.


Duration: 85'
Performance for an audience ages 12 and over

6€, 4,2€ youth and senior citizens



10 October | Saturday | 17:00
Ca.DA Centro (Ed. Academia)


Meeting the choreographers


The organization of Quinzena de Dança de Almada invites the public to meet the protagonists of the International Choreographic Platform.
Choreographers and performers present their work after which there will be interactive question and answer sessions with the audience.


Free admission



mostra elles LA INTRUSA foto La Intrusa mostra Sing the sand into pearls RAQUEL CLAUDINO foto Owen Patrick 1

28 September | Monday | 18:00 | Fnac Almada
Blocks 1 and 2

29 September | Tuesday | 21:30 | Escola Superior de Dança
Block 1 *

30 September | Wednesday | 21:30 | Escola Superior de Dança
Block 2 **

01 October | Thursday | 15:00 and at 18:00 | Cineteatro da Academia Almadense
Block 1 ***

01 October | Thursday | 19:00 | Fnac Chiado
Block 2

03 October | Saturday | 18:30 | Fnac Colombo
Blocks 1 e 2


Video Dance Showcase


Over the years, contemporary dance has established itself in different domains. On the one hand it’s confirmed by its self-sufficiency, on the other presents itself as a partner of other artistic disciplines that complement each other. Video dance exemplifies the convergence of various disciplines, creating new ways of representing the world around us. A combination of cameras and bodies at work under the baton of choreographer / director. The ephemeral time of dance takes on new dimensions in new video graphic spaces.


* The program will be presented by Ana Macara, artistic director of the festival
** The program will be presented by Ana Macara, artistic director of the festival, with invited guest Cristina Mendanha, artistic director of Arte Total
*** The program will be presented by Ana Macara, artistic director of the festival, with invited guest Raquel Claudino, choreographer


1st Block




Choreography and performance: Dasha Lavrennikov
Video direction: Michel Schettert
Duration: 5'


United States Of America

Choreography and performance: Shiho Tanaka
Video direction: Frederico Phillips, Maria Takeuchi
Duration: 2'24''


5 Days (of my life)


Choreography: Sioras Deligiannis Giorgios e Papadopoulou Maria
Video direction: Sioras Deligiannis Giorgios
Performance: Despina Poga, Katerina Chirstoforou, Kostas Chrisafidis, Lefteris Tsatsis, Loulia Zacharaki, Maro Stavrinou, Melina Valiaka, Mixalis Xatiris, Nicolas Chatzivasiliadis, Periklis Skordilis
Sound: Constantine Skourlis, Tatis Perdikis
Director of photography: Giannis Kounis
Duration: 8'54''


Corpometria Descrittiva


Choreography e interpretação: Tommasso Serratore
Video direction: Luca Poldelmengo
Duration: 1'04''


Deep End Dance


Choreography: David Bolger
Video direction: Conor Horgan
Performance: David Bolger, Madge Bolger (Coiscéim Dance Theatre)
Production: Martha O'Neil Wildfire Films
Original music: Michael Fleming
Director of photography: Richard Kendrick
Edition: Roisin O'Donnell
Duration: 6'


Sing The Sand Into Pearls
United Kingdom / Portugal

Choreography e realização: Raquel Claudino
Performance: Eileih Muir, Emily Thompson-Smith, Joana Borges, Kimberley Ribeiro, Laura Póvoa, Mariana Mouaimi, Rita Rosa
Director of photography: Filippo Maria
Edition: Enrique Escamilla
Music: Pop Santeiro
Sound design and mix: Hue Jah Fink
Duration: 13'05''


2nd Block


No Meio da Confusão (o amor em visita)
Portugal / Holland


Choreography and performance: Jasper Džuki Jelen, Mojra Vogelnik-Škerlj
Video direction: Catarina Barata
Sound design and original music: Nuno Salvado
Duration: 9'10''


E.sperimenti giorno e notte


Choreography: Federica Galimberti, Francesco Di Luzio, Mattia De Virgiliis
Video director: Mattia De Virgiliis
Performance: Alessandro Pustizzi, Andrea Ferrarini, Cristina Conti, Daniele Toti, Eleonora Lippi, Federica Galimberti, Filippo Braco, Francesco Di Luzio, Giovanni Leonarduzzi, Laura Ragni, Silvia Pinna
Video Operators: Marco Castaldi, Pietro Giampietro
Original music: Mattia de Virgiliis
Production: E.Sperimenti Dance Company
Duration: 4'32''


Guelra – Esse Olhar Que era Só Teu


Choreography: Cristina Mendanha
Video direction: Filipe Lopes
Performance: Gabriela Barros
Music: Dead Combo “Esse Olhar Que Era Só Teu”
Production: Arte Total
Duration: 6'23''


United Kingdom


Choreography: Antoine Marc
Video direction: Antoine Marc, Drew Cox
Performance: Antoine Marc, Renako McDonald, Roman Tio, Sade Alleyne
Costume design: Giulia Scrimieri
Camera assistant: Sandro Granda
Production assistants: Monica Bauer, Valentina Gordeeva
Duration: 4'55''


Tão Longe, Tão Perto


Choreography: Cristina Mendanha
Video direction: Filipe Lopes
Performance: David Ramalho, Gabiela Barros
Sound: Tiago Ralha
Production: Arte Total
Duration: 3'



Video direction and horeography: Virginia García & Damián Muñoz
Performance: Virginia García
Production: Cane (N. Canela)
Lighting: Jorge Fuentes
Production: La Intrusa
Duration: 10'11''


Free admission



apresentacoes escolas JOGOS LETRAS 2

7 untill 8 October
District schools


The aim of Companhia de Dança de Almada is to reach an increasingly diverse audience breaking down the barriers in relation to contemporary arts.
Thus it promotes performances in schools which are designed specifically for this audience and age group.



Jogos de Letras
Nuno Gomes


Companhia de Dança de Almada
Artistic Director: Maria Franco


Choreography: Nuno Gomes
Artistic and pedagogical support: Ana Macara
Costumes: Fauze El Kadre
Scenery and props: Paulo Mosqueteiro
Sound: José Pacheco
Choreographic assistant: Maria João Lopes
Performance: Bruno Duarte, Daniela Andana, Íris Fonseca, Joana Puntel, Luís Malaquias, Nuno Gomes, Mariana Romão e Miguel Santos


Inspired by the book of contemporary poems "Estas São as Letras", ("These are the letters") by Mario Castrim, this ballet depicts the alphabet using the image and sound of each letter. As in the book, the individual and collective imagination of the young audience is challenged and the invitation to participate from where they are seating or on stage is inevitable.


Duration: 45'

A Children's show for primary school level.

Free admission, previous reservations




7 October | Wednesday | 18:30
Ca.DA Centro


workshop AntonelloTudisco 1

Borders - Contemporary Dance

with Antonello Tudisco

For dance students and professionals


During the workshop we will try to investigate the concept of "limit" as space of action researching the relationship between inside and outside, artificial and natural, young and old. The global society very often lives in a situation of "border", always looking for an "imaginary" space but real at the same time in which to place own actions and own acts. If we compare the actions of an individual in a confined space of action, we can analyze three points. Three questions to which we could try to respond. 1. Exterior / interior: how can I live in a space which, through its architecture, creates a constant relationship between inside and outside? Could the architecture of a place be the space of "border" to go across and to act upon too? 2. Nature: the relationship of the artist / individual with the nature changes according to the place that is around him. But how much does the experience of the artist affect the actions it creates? 3. Transmission: The line between the age and young adulthood as a transmitter of knowledge.
In the quest between time and space, the body starts from the floor passing through the act of breathing and the consciousness of its structure. Then it rises up from the ground, trying to reach the balance in the room, singly as well as part of a group. Now, mingled bodies expose their self-creating dynamic games, introspective research material, new sensations and feelings. That emotional trade isn't just a matter of a proper contact; because bodies can create sounds to be more communicative. Creating a “sound”, would make a powerful communication, enabling thus a deeper analysis and the start up for a nonverbal "global" language structure examining its inner and outer architecture. A framework that can be built up and deconstructed, a proper mastermind planning, according to feelings and instinct. Learning to dance with a flexible mind: thus we will create material for structuring solos, duets or group situations. The consciousness of our body’s abilities will be the foundation of our improvisation work that will expand upon elements born and created within the workshop. We will create an architectural space, inner and external to our body, in which the shape penetrates the space and becomes an object of construction itself, a structure that can be constructed or unobstructed, depending on the requirement and the sensation of the moment. One of the most important results of this kind of work is to give to the students some more possibilities of investigating their own body languages and to increase their artistry.


Antonello Tudisco is a choreographer, teacher, art Historian, graduate in classical and contemporary dance at Dance Lyceum Mara Fusco in Naples, Italy. He studied contemporary dance with several teachers in Italy and abroad.
Since 1994, after his first job at the Halberstadt Stadt Theater in Germany under the direction of Egyptian choreographer Tarek Assam, he’s danced with several companies and artistic projects in different countries such as Germany, France, Italy and Finland.
In 2008 he started his own research as choreographer and teacher, giving workshops in Italy and abroad. His choreographies were invited to be performed in several important Festivals and Venues like the Biennale Danza in Venice. In Germany, his choreography “In.Co second study: the encounter”, was premiered at the TANZART Festival in Giessen and as choreographer, he was invited to the Theatre Freiburg with the residency project Re-Live Finki. In 2013 his dance piece “Nefes/Respiro_every human being is an artist” was the Prizewinner of the notice Teatri del Tempo Presente, by the Italian Ministry of the cultural assets and activities. As guest choreographer he worked for BTT - Balletto di Torino in Italy, creating the dance piece “Vapore Corporeo”.
From 2015 his company is supported by the Italian Ministry of the cultural assets and activities.

He is currently teaching contact and improvisation and choreographic composition at the Artgarage Dance Studio in Naples, Italy, and leads workshops in Spain, Poland, Macedonia, UK and Germany. As choreographer is currently creating two new dance pieces: “Chiaroscuro”, for the festival Dance Skopje in Macedonia, and “Across The Border / a line Story”, for the Teatro Bellini in Naples, Italy.



8 October | Thursday | 18:30 – 20:00

Ca.DA Centro (Ed. Academia)


workshop Giovanna Amaru foto 2

“Energy Flow and Punctuation” 

Contemporary Dance 

with Giovanna Amarù

For dance students and professionals


Through both floor work and standing positions, the workshop aims to develop the sensory and physical skills of the participants, as well as a musical precision by exploring different energy patterns through the possibilities offered by gravity and breath. By reinforcing the awareness of the core, the work seeks to release unnecessary tension in order to strengthen focus and imagination, giving the opportunity to explore the continuous movement flow as a natural state of pleasure.


Giovanna Amarù trained as a dancer at the National Dance Academy in Rome and at the advanced course of Aterballetto. She continued her studies taking classes with the main European companies such as Het National Ballet, Gulbenkian Ballet, Rambert Dance Company, Ballet Preljocaj, Frankfurt Ballet (The Forsythe Company) and masterclasses with Malou Airaudo, Suzanne Linke, Ohad Naharin. She has worked for Aterballetto, M.Van Hoecke’s Ensemble, Israel Ballet, Ballet Actuel, Liège Ballet Paris Opera House, Nomades Le Loft Vevey’s Company, La Fura dels Baus. She has performed in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Israel, Lebanon, Brazil, China and Japan. Between 1998 and 2002 she worked for the Piccolo Teatro in Catania creating the choreography of “The seven deadly sins”, “Antigone” and “Per un colloquio forzato”. In June 2001, in Paris, she was appointed assistant choreographer for the Bastille Opera House production of “Damnation of Faust”, directed by Robert Lapage; in the same year she founded the Nuda Veritas company, focusing her own work on contemporary dance theatre. Her creations, "Plumes", "In Corpore Muto" , "Aleph", “Lettere all’assente”, “Figura Prima” were performed in Italy, Switzerland, France and Germany, where the company had residences and provided workshops. In 2007 she was invited by the University of Pisa for teaching a masterclass in dance theatre. In 2008 she founded the Studio L.I.R.A. Laboratorio Indipendente Ricerca Artistica in Palermo, where she created “Eden” (finalist at Premio Scenario 2009), and, between 2009 and 2013, “Trilogia della luce” (a trilogy consisting of “Canto Scuro”, “Being Back”, “Peau d’âme”), a research about the meaning of the concepts of Name, Visage and Time, performed in Italy and Germany.



9 October | Friday | 18:30 – 20:00

Ca.DA Centro (Ed. Academia)



“Floorworks Breaking Fusion”
with Giovanni Leonarduzzi

For teenagers and adults with previous dance experience


The workshop is influenced by the style of the choreographer/dancer.
He is a breakdancer and an exploiter of contemporary dance, approaching floorwork using his personal and unique style.


Giovanni Leonarduzzi started breakdancing in 1997 showing an abstract view of the discipline that led him to begin the study of contemporary dance in 2008. In 2010 he participated in the Botega Dance Company’s productions of NAJI and GISELLE with Enzo Celli and was part of the corps de ballet created for the closing ceremony of Expo 2012 in Korea. In 2012 he founded the Bellanda Company.



10 October | Saturday | 11:00 – 12:30

Ca.DA Centro (Ed. Academia)


workshop Renato Cruz

“Danças Urbanas”
Urban dance with Companhia Híbrida by Renato Cruz

with Renato Cruz

For youngsters between 12 and 15, with or without previous dance experience.


This workshop has a broad scope, and is aimed at anyone, with or without experience in Urban Dance. Through warm-up and stretching exercises, technical sequences and different games, it offers a methodology for the student’s progressive development and more active participation in the process of researching movement.


Graduating with a degree in Dance, Renato Cruz specializes in Performing Arts, (in which he is also taking a Master’s degree). Director of Companhia Híbrida, working with urban dance, he’s performed across Brazil and many other countries. He is also director of Arena Híbrida Festival de Danças Urbanas and the Projeto Social Arte É o Melhor Remédio.



10 October | Saturday | 18:30 – 20:00

Ca.DA Centro (Ed. Academia)


workshop FRANCOIS VEYRUNES photo laurence fragnol 1

Contemporary Dance
with François Veyrunes

For teenagers and adults with previous dance experience


To stand! How can we approach the question of dignity through body language? How can we play with the gravity field, the weight that holds us to the ground, without playing against it? Can we find solutions through dance and suffer less?


Through workshops and master classes, François Veyrunes and the company dancers work on the misalignment of bodies and their deformation. The workshop begins with ground work to raise the centre of gravity and body support to assert its own power. After that, everyone can explore within their abilities, alone or with others, their own body strategies and play with imbalance, a fun challenge, defying gravity and not suffering from it.


Over the years, François Veyrunes has with great determination developed his artistic approach with Compagnie 47•49. He sees time as an essential value in exploring ever deeper into the questions surrounding the meaning of life as individuals with their own challenges, creativity and free will. He grounds his creative work in artistic and human values to produce a choreography that is both in touch with the world and poetic. Sharing is an essential value and he has for years engaged co-design with the dancers. In the creative process for the stage and in the artistic projects involving local people, he highlights the individuality of each person. Since 1987, he has created over 30 choreographies and the public has always been on hand. The last 3 works were presented 40 times during last season. Au plus près du monde - duo has won both the jury award and the audience award in the international choreography competition Masdanza 2014.


Registration for the workshops via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 212 583 175, valid after payment.



aula aberta BRUNO DUARTE 1

1 October | Thursday | 20:45 - 21:45

Ca.DA Centro (Ed. Academia)


Contemporary Dance
With Bruno Duarte, dancer with Companhia de Dança de Almada

For older teens and adults with or without dance experience (over 15 years).
Free entry


The idea of this class is to explore the body in relation to the ground, through a sequence of fluid motion and constant transition of weight by using such concepts as impulse, respiration, balance / imbalance and organicity. We’ll look to use gravity as a precursor of movement and creator of momentum, playing with our natural body weight which carries us between the various levels.


Bruno Duarte is a dance graduate from the Escola Superior de Dança, (ESD), Lisbon. In 2011 he was an ERASMUS student in ArtEZ Dance Academy, Holland completing the “Minor Dancer” program. He’s performed pieces by Jorge Andrade, Amélia Bentes and Madalena Victorino in ESD and in the Grupo Experimental de Dança (GED), (2011/2) and Quórum Ballet, (2013) companies. He was a dancer in Staccato – Companhia de Dança Contemporânea, (2004/11) and Companhia de Dança de Almada, (2013). Co-created “Metamorfose” for Culturgest, (2011/2), “P48”, (video-dance), presented at the 20th Quinzena de Dança de Almada, (2012), and "5", (video-dance), presented at the Caldas Late Night Festival, (Portugal), L'art difficile de filmer la danse, (Bélgica) and InShadow, (Portugal), where he was rewarded with the public’s choice prize for the best video-dance in the competition. He also choreographed “someone else ago”, for the BOXNOVA program, Centro Cultural de Belém, (2013). Participated in workshops by Mikael Fau and Pauline Journé, (France), João da Silva, (Brasil), Siri Dybwik, (Norway) and Jack Gallagher, (USA), amongst others. He was a contemporary dance and urban rhythm teacher between 2004 and 2012 in Annarella – Academia de Ballet e Dança, Medimorisa – Health Academy and in Associação de Solidariedade do Académico de Leiria.


Limited admission. Reservations by telephone 212 500 145, from 1 September, between 16:00 and 20:00.




Companhia de Dança de Almada

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