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10 October | Saturday | 21:30
Teatro Municipal Joaquim Benite, Sala Experimental


International Platform for Choreographers – 4th Programme


plataforma nihangan CIE GUILILI 1 

Compagnie Guilili

(to be confirmed)


Choreography: Moada Yakana Marc Bertrand
Performance: Ngatoum Willy Armel, Wandja Kemayou Camilla Jordy, Baga Yakana Eric
Light design: Tchiwu Rene
Sound: Tchiwu Rene
Duration: 20’


Listening to the wind blowing, breathing and alive.
Move while you have strength
Look at the swaying of the trees, day-to-day,
The sun’s energy.
How smooth the moon is, the water flowing in the river
Animals screaming, growling and barking,
The birds chirping in the branches of trees in the breeze,
The ubiquitous nature,
Dances without stopping,
The movement in a state of consciousness reveals limits:
But in a state of unconsciousness reveals the magic of life and
The strength of our breath.
Our heart beat’s rhythm and vibration of the blood in our veins,
Expresses an intense inner energy
Translated by rhythmic gestures, a magical choreography.
Awareness of a forgotten pleading in the rhythm of life




plataforma bicos de papagaio foto elisa ferreira 

Bicos de papagaio – exercício dançante
Elisa Ferreira


Choreography and performance: Elisa Ferreira
Duration: 15’30’’


Popularly known as "parrot beak" (bone spurs), Osteophytosis are outgrowths of bone tissue which from around damaged joints - one of the manifestations of arthritis affecting the spinal column. Over the years, the body's joints suffer a natural wear which brings the problem to the fore.
There is also the 'professional wear' which ensures the aggravation of the problem!


Time-Space / Mote / Inspiration:
How does a former dancer relate with dance as an artistic expression... in which the connection and analogy with animals is increasingly evident ...?
Night and Nocturnal beings: I am Nocturnal, and I can finally live this part of me without work and family constraints. A part of my night is granted to maintaining fitness and practicing dance movements; I call this physical and psychological privacy time, security, energy, animality, beauty, serenity and presence, my transcendence zone, my fight-club. I am one with myself. I reflect on the difference between survival, "adaptation to the environment" and "mimicry"; I find humor in difficulties; recapitulate and rediscover the 'let go' (detachment); closing without banal thoughts and without pain.


Musical Inspiration: 'Heaven's Joke' / 'Freedom is a State of Mind' / 'I (do not) fault the police'. Corporate Avenger is a Native American rock band whose themes include an intense insight, express matters relating to Politics, Knowledge and Spirituality. //
Socratic inspiration: "If measure and symmetry are absent from any composition in any degree, ruin awaits both the ingredients and the composition... Measure and symmetry are beauty and virtue the world over.” Socrates.
Inspiration from Nature: the Owls, cats.




plataforma me ve mai SALLY ANNE 3 

Me Ve Mai
Sally-Anne Friedland


Choreography: Sally-Anne Friedland
Performance: Mai Armon
Duration: 10’’


A sculptural portrait of a young woman dancer




plataforma nobodys story INMA MARIN 

Nobody’s Story
Cia. Flesh


Choreography and performance: Inma Marin
Duration: 25’


Nobody is a character whose identity has been built based on memory.
A memory from those who had ever thought of him.


This is a work based on perception, experiences and emotions of a character without references, without rules but with the need of sketching himself into the world.




plataforma double jeu MELTINGSPOT 

Double Je(u)
Compagnie Melting Spot
France / Belgium / Burkina Faso


Choreography and performance: Farid Berki & Serge Aimé Coulibaly


Double Je(u) is a choreographic confrontation in which two choreographers show what they find better in the other in terms of movement and of essential gesture. They create two solos for each other. They work around a simple question - how to find his place in the space of the other. To be in confrontation, to unite – until, exhausted, they find the best part of the other one: discover him: finally meet his humanity.


Duration: 85'
Performance for an audience ages 12 and over

6€, 4,2€ youth and senior citizens




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