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7 October | Wednesday | 18:30
Ca.DA Centro


workshop AntonelloTudisco 1

Borders - Contemporary Dance

with Antonello Tudisco

For dance students and professionals


During the workshop we will try to investigate the concept of "limit" as space of action researching the relationship between inside and outside, artificial and natural, young and old. The global society very often lives in a situation of "border", always looking for an "imaginary" space but real at the same time in which to place own actions and own acts. If we compare the actions of an individual in a confined space of action, we can analyze three points. Three questions to which we could try to respond. 1. Exterior / interior: how can I live in a space which, through its architecture, creates a constant relationship between inside and outside? Could the architecture of a place be the space of "border" to go across and to act upon too? 2. Nature: the relationship of the artist / individual with the nature changes according to the place that is around him. But how much does the experience of the artist affect the actions it creates? 3. Transmission: The line between the age and young adulthood as a transmitter of knowledge.
In the quest between time and space, the body starts from the floor passing through the act of breathing and the consciousness of its structure. Then it rises up from the ground, trying to reach the balance in the room, singly as well as part of a group. Now, mingled bodies expose their self-creating dynamic games, introspective research material, new sensations and feelings. That emotional trade isn't just a matter of a proper contact; because bodies can create sounds to be more communicative. Creating a “sound”, would make a powerful communication, enabling thus a deeper analysis and the start up for a nonverbal "global" language structure examining its inner and outer architecture. A framework that can be built up and deconstructed, a proper mastermind planning, according to feelings and instinct. Learning to dance with a flexible mind: thus we will create material for structuring solos, duets or group situations. The consciousness of our body’s abilities will be the foundation of our improvisation work that will expand upon elements born and created within the workshop. We will create an architectural space, inner and external to our body, in which the shape penetrates the space and becomes an object of construction itself, a structure that can be constructed or unobstructed, depending on the requirement and the sensation of the moment. One of the most important results of this kind of work is to give to the students some more possibilities of investigating their own body languages and to increase their artistry.


Antonello Tudisco is a choreographer, teacher, art Historian, graduate in classical and contemporary dance at Dance Lyceum Mara Fusco in Naples, Italy. He studied contemporary dance with several teachers in Italy and abroad.
Since 1994, after his first job at the Halberstadt Stadt Theater in Germany under the direction of Egyptian choreographer Tarek Assam, he’s danced with several companies and artistic projects in different countries such as Germany, France, Italy and Finland.
In 2008 he started his own research as choreographer and teacher, giving workshops in Italy and abroad. His choreographies were invited to be performed in several important Festivals and Venues like the Biennale Danza in Venice. In Germany, his choreography “In.Co second study: the encounter”, was premiered at the TANZART Festival in Giessen and as choreographer, he was invited to the Theatre Freiburg with the residency project Re-Live Finki. In 2013 his dance piece “Nefes/Respiro_every human being is an artist” was the Prizewinner of the notice Teatri del Tempo Presente, by the Italian Ministry of the cultural assets and activities. As guest choreographer he worked for BTT - Balletto di Torino in Italy, creating the dance piece “Vapore Corporeo”.
From 2015 his company is supported by the Italian Ministry of the cultural assets and activities.

He is currently teaching contact and improvisation and choreographic composition at the Artgarage Dance Studio in Naples, Italy, and leads workshops in Spain, Poland, Macedonia, UK and Germany. As choreographer is currently creating two new dance pieces: “Chiaroscuro”, for the festival Dance Skopje in Macedonia, and “Across The Border / a line Story”, for the Teatro Bellini in Naples, Italy.



8 October | Thursday | 18:30 – 20:00

Ca.DA Centro (Ed. Academia)


workshop Giovanna Amaru foto 2

“Energy Flow and Punctuation” 

Contemporary Dance 

with Giovanna Amarù

For dance students and professionals


Through both floor work and standing positions, the workshop aims to develop the sensory and physical skills of the participants, as well as a musical precision by exploring different energy patterns through the possibilities offered by gravity and breath. By reinforcing the awareness of the core, the work seeks to release unnecessary tension in order to strengthen focus and imagination, giving the opportunity to explore the continuous movement flow as a natural state of pleasure.


Giovanna Amarù trained as a dancer at the National Dance Academy in Rome and at the advanced course of Aterballetto. She continued her studies taking classes with the main European companies such as Het National Ballet, Gulbenkian Ballet, Rambert Dance Company, Ballet Preljocaj, Frankfurt Ballet (The Forsythe Company) and masterclasses with Malou Airaudo, Suzanne Linke, Ohad Naharin. She has worked for Aterballetto, M.Van Hoecke’s Ensemble, Israel Ballet, Ballet Actuel, Liège Ballet Paris Opera House, Nomades Le Loft Vevey’s Company, La Fura dels Baus. She has performed in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Israel, Lebanon, Brazil, China and Japan. Between 1998 and 2002 she worked for the Piccolo Teatro in Catania creating the choreography of “The seven deadly sins”, “Antigone” and “Per un colloquio forzato”. In June 2001, in Paris, she was appointed assistant choreographer for the Bastille Opera House production of “Damnation of Faust”, directed by Robert Lapage; in the same year she founded the Nuda Veritas company, focusing her own work on contemporary dance theatre. Her creations, "Plumes", "In Corpore Muto" , "Aleph", “Lettere all’assente”, “Figura Prima” were performed in Italy, Switzerland, France and Germany, where the company had residences and provided workshops. In 2007 she was invited by the University of Pisa for teaching a masterclass in dance theatre. In 2008 she founded the Studio L.I.R.A. Laboratorio Indipendente Ricerca Artistica in Palermo, where she created “Eden” (finalist at Premio Scenario 2009), and, between 2009 and 2013, “Trilogia della luce” (a trilogy consisting of “Canto Scuro”, “Being Back”, “Peau d’âme”), a research about the meaning of the concepts of Name, Visage and Time, performed in Italy and Germany.



9 October | Friday | 18:30 – 20:00

Ca.DA Centro (Ed. Academia)



“Floorworks Breaking Fusion”
with Giovanni Leonarduzzi

For teenagers and adults with previous dance experience


The workshop is influenced by the style of the choreographer/dancer.
He is a breakdancer and an exploiter of contemporary dance, approaching floorwork using his personal and unique style.


Giovanni Leonarduzzi started breakdancing in 1997 showing an abstract view of the discipline that led him to begin the study of contemporary dance in 2008. In 2010 he participated in the Botega Dance Company’s productions of NAJI and GISELLE with Enzo Celli and was part of the corps de ballet created for the closing ceremony of Expo 2012 in Korea. In 2012 he founded the Bellanda Company.



10 October | Saturday | 11:00 – 12:30

Ca.DA Centro (Ed. Academia)


workshop Renato Cruz

“Danças Urbanas”
Urban dance with Companhia Híbrida by Renato Cruz

with Renato Cruz

For youngsters between 12 and 15, with or without previous dance experience.


This workshop has a broad scope, and is aimed at anyone, with or without experience in Urban Dance. Through warm-up and stretching exercises, technical sequences and different games, it offers a methodology for the student’s progressive development and more active participation in the process of researching movement.


Graduating with a degree in Dance, Renato Cruz specializes in Performing Arts, (in which he is also taking a Master’s degree). Director of Companhia Híbrida, working with urban dance, he’s performed across Brazil and many other countries. He is also director of Arena Híbrida Festival de Danças Urbanas and the Projeto Social Arte É o Melhor Remédio.



10 October | Saturday | 18:30 – 20:00

Ca.DA Centro (Ed. Academia)


workshop FRANCOIS VEYRUNES photo laurence fragnol 1

Contemporary Dance
with François Veyrunes

For teenagers and adults with previous dance experience


To stand! How can we approach the question of dignity through body language? How can we play with the gravity field, the weight that holds us to the ground, without playing against it? Can we find solutions through dance and suffer less?


Through workshops and master classes, François Veyrunes and the company dancers work on the misalignment of bodies and their deformation. The workshop begins with ground work to raise the centre of gravity and body support to assert its own power. After that, everyone can explore within their abilities, alone or with others, their own body strategies and play with imbalance, a fun challenge, defying gravity and not suffering from it.


Over the years, François Veyrunes has with great determination developed his artistic approach with Compagnie 47•49. He sees time as an essential value in exploring ever deeper into the questions surrounding the meaning of life as individuals with their own challenges, creativity and free will. He grounds his creative work in artistic and human values to produce a choreography that is both in touch with the world and poetic. Sharing is an essential value and he has for years engaged co-design with the dancers. In the creative process for the stage and in the artistic projects involving local people, he highlights the individuality of each person. Since 1987, he has created over 30 choreographies and the public has always been on hand. The last 3 works were presented 40 times during last season. Au plus près du monde - duo has won both the jury award and the audience award in the international choreography competition Masdanza 2014.


Registration for the workshops via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 212 583 175, valid after payment.




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