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26 September | Saturday | 21:30
27 September | Sunday | 16:00 Teatro Municipal Joaquim Benite


“Identidade e Multiplicidade” 25th anniversary comemorative programme

Companhia de Dança de Almada
Artistic Director: Maria Franco


To celebrate 25 years of existence, we present a new program in which it’s our intention to reflect different facets of our work. This show, which is to have many parts, just like the story of Companhia de Dança de Almada, presents three choreographers in different life cycles. A program in which tradition is present affirming the contemporaneity and the diversity of creators who represent the Company’s identity. We have chosen to resurrect a piece which debuted in 2000, but which is still relevant today.


With music from the immortal Edith Piaf, Ana Macara makes an incursion into the feminine universe marked by personal experiences and a formal view of movement. We’re also reviving, in a new format, a piece from our repertoire which has taken on a new meaning: created by Nuno Gomes, it matches our desire to promote contemporary dance supported by traditional Portuguese culture - in particular Cante Alentejano, (Alentejo songs). We’re also bringing to the stage a piece by Daniela Andana, which she created in 2015 under the auspices of Ca.DA’s desire to support emerging choreographers, a project we’ve been undertaking for some time.



 Identidade e Multiplicidade foto Flor Salgueiro

Não lugar (2015) - excerpt

Choreography: Daniela Andana
Music: Portishead, Maxence Cyrin
Text: Nitin Sawhney
Costumes: Vanessa Monteiro
Performance: Bruno Duarte, Joana Puntel, Luís Malaquias, Mariana Romão, Miguel Santos

Created at the invitation of Casa da Cerca – Centro de Arte Contemporânea, under the collective exhibition “Viagem”, (2015)




 Identidade e multiplicadade Elevado a 4 foto jorge goncalves

Elevado a 4 (2000) - excerpts

Choreography: Ana Macara
Music: N. Glanzberg, H. Giraud, M. Monnot, C. Dumont, interpretados por Edith Piaf
Costumes: Ana Macara
Ligthing design: José Rui Silva and Ana Macara
Performance: Daniela Andana, Joana Puntel, Mariana Romão e a participação especial das alunas da Ca.DA Escola, Íris Fonseca, Maria Inês Costa and Rita Pires




 Identidade e Multiplicidade CaDA 2010 foto Pedro Soares

Olhares (2010) - new version

Choreography: Nuno Gomes
Music: Pedro Caldeira Cabral, Arvo Part
Music Editing and Montage: Nuno Gomes
Costumes: Fauze El Kadre e Nuno Gomes
Performance: Bruno Duarte, Daniela Andana, Joana Puntel, Luís Malaquias, Nuno Gomes, Mariana Romão e Miguel Santos
Special participation: Grupo Coral e Etnográfico Amigos do Alentejo do Feijó.


Choreographic assistant and rehearsal supervisor: Maria João Lopes
Lighting design: Cláudia Rodrigues
Sound: José Pacheco


Ana Macara began her training in classical dance, working with Anna Mascolo until 1973. After which she worked in Jazz and contemporary dance in Paris, London and New York.
She was a founder and choreographer of the Grupo Experimental de Dança Jazz. She founded and directed Grupo de Dança Atitudes e Movimentos. She developed her work in several shows for theater, television and multimedia. In Belgium choreographed for Danscompagnie Francine De Veylder.
In 1987 she finished her MA in Dance from the University of North Carolina and in 1994 the European Doctorate in Dance at FMH.
Since 1991 she’s collaborated with Companhia de Dança de Almada as a guest choreographer, having created nine pieces and various training projects. She participated in the conception and direction of Quinzena da Dança de Almada.
A retired teacher from Faculdade de Motricidade Humana, where she taught for over 30 years. She represented Portugal in the Consultative Commission of DaCi and was a member of the Executive board for Dance of Elia (European League of Institutes of the Arts).
Currently a researcher of INET-MD, she’s developed numerous research projects in the field of dance and published and presented at national and international conferences.


Daniela Andana is currently studying for her Master’s degree in Artes Cénicas at Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas, she has a degree in Physical Education from Faculdade de Motricidade Humana (2005), and in Dance from Escola Superior de Dança (2008), having completed the last semester in Danshogskolan, Sweden, where she worked with Camilla Ekelof.
At the Faculdade de Motricidade Humana participated in Projecto Eurodanse, choreographed by Wayne McGregor, with a final presentation in Ireland in 2002.
In Escola Superior de Dança, performed pieces by the following choreographers: Rui Horta, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Mercê Cunningham, Marta Graham, Vasco Valenkamp, and worked professionally with Amélia Bentes, Claire Pençak and Ludger Lamers.
She has participated in workshops/performances with the following teachers and choreographers: Cristina Planas Leitão, Hélder Seabra, Filipa Francisco, Margarida Mestre, Teresa Ranieri, Maria José Bernardino, Peter Michael Dietz, Luís Xarez, Amélia Bentes, Stephan Jurgens, Arlett Huntz, Will Swanson, and Natalia Timonaeva.
As a professional dancer she took part in performances for children between 2006 and 2011. In the year of 2010, she joined Companhia de Dança de Almada as a professional dancer, where she remains to this day.
As a choreographer she created “Para Além da Imagem”, (2009) and “Acasos”, (2011). In 2011, she co-authored the piece “Galileu” with Beatriz Rousseau, the début of which was during the 19.ª Quinzena de Dança de Almada. She also presented this work in Sesimbra, Lisbon, Coimbra and Zagreb.

Nuno Gomes began his dance studies in 1998. He has worked with Companhia de Dança do Tejo, (the Tagus Dance Company), Companhia de Bailado da Madeira, (Madeira Ballet Company), Centro Coreográfico de Valência, (Choreographic Center of Valencia), and Lisboa Ballet Contemporâneo, (Lisbon Contemporary Ballet). Since 2006 he has been with Companhia de Dança de Almada, (Dance Company of Almada).
He has worked with various teachers and choreographers, namely Vítor Linhares, Guilherme Dias, Palmira Camargo, Maria Palmeirim, José Grave, Pascale, Vitor Garcia, David Fielding, Patrick de Bana, Cristina Graça, Thomas Noone, Benvindo de Fonseca, Gagik Ismailian. Highlights have included roles in “O Banco”, “Acirfa”, “Aman”, ”Uma noite com Ella”, “Salcapate”, “Makeba”, “Para que a terra não esqueça”, “Castanheda”, “Callas”, “Casa do Rio” and “Muito Chão”.
He choreographed “Dancing for pleasure” for Companhia de Bailado da Madeira; “Entre a Necessidade e o Medo” (2008), “Olhares” (2010) and “Jogos de Letras” (2012) for Companhia de Dança de Almada.


Duration: 75'
Performance for an audience ages 6 and over

10€, 6€ youth and 7€ senior citizens




Rua Manuel de Sousa Coutinho, 11

2800-163 Almada

Tel: +351 212 583 175,

Fax: +351 212 500 524


School - Almada


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