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 8 October | Thursday | 21:30
Teatro Municipal Joaquim Benite, Experimental Room


International Platform for Choreographers – 1st Programme


plataforma prism ANDREA HACKL 2

Andrea Hackl
Austria / Holland


Choreography and performance: Andrea Hackl


"The world is a rainbow, the mind is a prism and the being is the white ray" OSHO, Intuition




PRISM is a work that digs into the structures that we construct and move within to define us. At which point do these structures and concepts that help us to orientate ourselves in the world become restrictive or a self-built prison?



plataforma designed to fail CATARINA MORLA 

Designed to fail
Catarina Morla


Choreography: Catarina Morla
Performance: Rui Peixoto, Ângelo Cid Neto
Music: Elisabet Reia aka BeMa
Duration: 20’


What leads to change makes us unchangeable.
We have never been more aware of the possibility of our absence than now. Based on signs we interpret characters and postures that build compromising languages. From a razor's edge we could fall either way, the question is whether imperfection is the best we can achieve.


plataforma senza saper BELLANDA COMPANY 2 

Senza saper né leggere né scrivere
Bellanda Company


Choreography: Giovanni Leonarduzzi
Performance: Anna Savanelli, Giovanni Leonarduzzi, Raffaello Titton


The piece is regarded as the mechanism of a watch: the spiral paths that are repeated reminiscent of the continuous and incessant repetitive movement of a clock’s hands. The clock only works when all the gears turn in unison, each doing its own thing but in a constant interaction and helping each other.
Although things are still working, the gears spinning, it isn’t possible to influence the direction in which they will turn, not even if you believe something can change their course.
As with the watch mechanism, there is just the basic urge to continue moving, so all that is needed is on the stage: three dancers, three bodies, turning in unison.




 plataforma Segundo Paragrafo SOFIA SOROMENHO

Segundo parágrafo (Première)
Sofia Soromenho


Choreography: Sofia Soromenho
Performance: Anouschka Freitas, Daniela Serra, Rebeca Sacasi e Sofia Soromenho
Music: Vítor Rua
Light Design: Filipe Pacheco
Dramaturgical support: Daniel Tércio
Artist residency support: Teatro do Vestido, ESTAL


Anonymous bodies moving at high speed where are they going?
Rushing for what?
They walk, run, fall, get up, but never touch.
They are alone.
They communicate through a screen - a mobile phone, a tablet, a computer - who are they?
What do they feel?
A feminine universe that wavers between fragility and strength.
Characters who metamorphose that are never exclusively one: but several, overlapping, showing themselves and hiding through the narrative.
They want to communicate, they want to talk, but sometimes their voice is not enough.
The voice doesn’t express feelings.
Empty words and virtual relationships.
The discomfort takes over and is reflected in the eyes and in the body.
A single woman, a woman who is absent from the present.
Many women.
A woman, alone.


plataforma lupi EMMA CIANCHI 2 

Art Garage / Neo Contemporary Dance Network


Choreography: Emma Cianchi
Performance: Antonio Nicastro, Luca Cacciapuoti
Choreographer assistant: Michela Ricciardi


That state of intense tension between a primordial instinct and reason distinguishes man from animal.
The spontaneity of the animals comes perhaps as an unattainable goal for man, constantly suppressed by morality and tradition.
Dispersed instincts, strong and essential, remain alive in a corner of our souls, echoing in every human spirit: the defence of its territory is one of those.
Many stage actions of the dancers enliven the space, the actions that demonstrate lines and tracks taken from the observation of animal behaviour and the study of the movement of various fighting techniques and combat.


Duration: 110'
Performance for an audience ages 12 and over

6€, 4,2€ youth and senior citizens




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