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9 October | Friday | 17:00

Praça da Liberdade


International Platform for Choreographers – 2nd Programme


plataforma moto sensivel RENATO CRUZ

Moto sensivel
Companhia Híbrida


Choreography: Renato Cruz
Performance: Daniel Oliveira, Fábio Max, Jefte Francisco, Luciana Monnerat, Luciano Mendes, Mailson Morais, Marjory Lopes, Raphael Lima (Russo)
Duration: 20’


This presentation is comprised of various segments taken from the show Moto Sensível. In this, the second part of a trilogy based upon the theme, "Hip Hop and Fragility", three main points form the basis for the presentation - the use of gesture in Hip Hop culture; repetition as the basis for transforming / corrupting certain signs; the search for other forms of choreography for this medium.
Through a collaborative process, a mix of impressions and stories from its own performers and through composition of movement, this work is also intended to be a magnifying glass focused on the street dancer, on the beauty of their movement, on the strength and energy of their vigorous body - "without limits".
Repetition seeking subversion, transformation seeking approximation, a creation that seeks to connect with the viewer in other ways - questions that this work explores. Its essence, however, is to inspire discussion on the market, culture and philosophy within Hip Hop.


plataforma both LILIJA LIPORA 4 

Lilija Lipora


Choreography: Lilija Lipora
Performance: Eva Vancāne, Jānis Lācis
Music: Kaspars Tobis
Light design: Egils Kupčs


Both debuted on 29th April 2014
But this project still continues to develop.


The bike dance performance BOTH started to develop two years ago.
We set out to investigate how to create common movement – bike dance movement. How totally different people and their professional attitudes try to find compromises.


A teamwork of bike trial rider and dancer stress our borders, speculations and comfort zone from which we can’t escape, for coming closer to each other, for creating, for getting on... to live for experience and love!
A different one challenges, attracts, teases.
Can people who lead a totally different style of life find common language if they fall in love or even if they have to share one space for some reason?


plataforma anyway acids MARIANA POMBAL 

Mariana Pombal



Choreography: Mariana Pombal
Performance: Diana Portugal, Joana Silva, Margarida Carlos, Margarida Fonseca


“Let me introduce you to a brand new dance. I know you’re gonna love it if you give it one chance.” The Chemical Brothers


Duration: 46'
Performance for an audience ages 3 and over

Free of charge




Rua Manuel de Sousa Coutinho, 11

2800-163 Almada

Tel: +351 212 583 175,

Fax: +351 212 500 524


School - Almada


Rua Manuel de Sousa Coutinho, 112800-163 Almada

Tel +351 212 500 145


Mon. to Fri., 16:00 to 20:00, 16:00 às 20:00

International Dance Festival






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