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9 October | Fiday | 21:30

Teatro Municipal Joaquim Benite, Sala Experimental


International Platform for Choreographers – 3rd Programme


plataforma stay still stand sillent JOAO CARDOSO 

Stay Still, Stand Silent
João Cardoso


Choreography: João Cardoso
Performance: Diana Sábio, João Cardoso, Rita Rosa, Susana Pereira, Victor Gomes
Choreographic assistant: Maurícia Neves
Co-production: Escola Superior de Dança
Duration: 20’


Stay Still, Stand Silent, tells of a body, bodies, souls that try to be more, to discover more, live longer, ransacking space in search for reason and the limits of their own persistence. On a conventional stage, five dancers look at themselves and seek answers from factors which test their resolve.



plataforma close up COMPANY4749 2 

Close Up With The World – variation – duo Au plus près du monde – variation – duo
Compagny 47•49 François Veyrunes


Choreography: François Veyrunes
Performance: Alexandre Bachelard e Sylvère Lamotte


“How does one live and accept one’s masculinity other than by negating or subduing femininity?”


On stage, the characters are faced with their respective differences, similarities, desires and urges and will interpret them in their interactions around this duality which lies within them. Can the stage dynamics uncover interpersonal relationships other than dichotomized and go beyond the expected and pre-determined?
It is not about confrontation, but about reaching a state where acceptance does not imply surrender.
Through the language of dance, I try to let these potential life forces, deep within the shadows of each of us, come to light.




plataforma peau d ame COMPAGNIA NUDA VERITAS 1 

Peau d’âme
Compagnia Nuda Veritas


Choreography and performance: Giovanna Amarú
Light design: Marco Sciveres


A Trilogy on light, 3rd Stanza, the time. Inspired by Perrault’s French literary fairytale, “Peau d’ane, (Donkey Skin), the piece is a work about Time, meant as a musical metamorphosis through different states of mind, emotional and physical body. The movement shifts constantly between aerial and ground quality, wide and molecular, inner and peripheral in the aim to reach the “Soul Skin”. A research, a stratigraphy on the concept of body/time, seen through a donkey staying awake till his transfiguration.




plataforma this is not MAURICIA NEVES 

This is not a love story. This is A and B. (Premier)
Maurícia | Neves


Concept, choreography and costumes: Maurícia | Neves
Performance: António Torres, Barbara Carlos
Lighting design: Maurícia Neves & Francisco Leston
Music: Nils Frahm, "Says"; This will destroy you, “Little smoke”
Photography and video: Duck Production
Duration: 20’
Residency: Alkantara, Espaço do Tempo, Eira


Nowadays, the daily life is an ode to despair.
B is crudely manipulated, they feel to be coming and going: not understanding the pain but accepting it. A is an interruption of B. B accepts it, lets itself be interrupted. Corrupted.
They seem sincere to each other but aren’t. They seem attentive but aren’t. Seem sexual but aren’t. They learn to play with each other, transforming themselves. Saturated with the daily routine, with the repetition. A and B are defence mechanisms of themselves and of the surroundings. They are power games. They collide, they stir up. And the power falls. There's no more power, only revolt. B always manipulates A to manipulate B. A and B's relationship is superficially warm and deeply cold.


Duration: 75'
Performance for an audience ages 12 and over

6€, 4,2€ youth and senior citizens




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